QuickFit Stone Veneer

$2.50 sq. ft.

Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price

Our products are manufactured stone veneer, made out of portland based product, aggegates,and iron oxide pigments. They may be used for interior or extrerior projects. Wholesale Stone Veneer can be installed with or without a mortar joint. All stones are individual stones as show in the pictures above.

Quickfit ranges from an inch and a half to two inches thick, the length varies, width is four inches, and weighs from eight to ten pounds per square foot.


This style is the only product we have that is “panel like”

Smoke is not shown – that product is a gray base with black added to it.


Briarwood, Cedarbrook, Chestnut, CountryBlend, DeepCreek, Lakeside, Smoke, Woodland